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Some Innovations of Hajj and Umrah

The following is taken from the series of cards posted on the ma'arifat as-sunan facebook page on the link below.

1. Innovations during Ihram
Uncovering the right shoulder for the entire hajj or umrah.

Rather the shoulder is only uncovered during tawaf qudoom and the tawaf of umrah.

Believing that it is obligatory to pray two rakaah upon entering ihram for umrah.

Rather there is no daleel for it being recommended, let alone being obligatory.

2. Innovations in the talbiya
Singing or melodiously reciting the talbiya. Or making the talbiya together in unison.

Rather it is not narrated that the sahaba used to melodiously recite the talbiya, or recite it in unison.

3. Innovation in Tawaf
The pilgrim carrying a booklet, making dua from it, with specific supplication for each circuit of Tawaf.

Rather this book has no chain of narration, and Abdullah bin Al-Mubarak said, The chain of narration is from the religion, and were it not for the chain of narration then anyone would say what they want.

Ibn ul Qayyim said, There are no specific supplications for Tawaf.

It has been only recorded that the Messenger (Salutations and Blessings be upon him) said between the two corners, Rabbanaa aatinaa fid-dunya hasanah, wa fil-aakhirati hasanah, wa qinaa adhaab-annaar.

As for everywhere else then it is recommended to make a lot of remembrance and supplication with whatever he wishes or has been reported without specifying anything.

4. Innovation in Tawaf
Gesturing with both hands or many times with one hands towards the black stone, or kissing the hand without touching the stone.

Rather what should be done is:
-Wipe with the hand and kiss (the stone)
-Wipe with the hand then kiss the hand
-Wipe with a stick then kiss the stick

And if you cant do any of that then gesture towards it with one hand and make takbir.

5. Innovations in Tawaf
Wiping and clinging to the covers of the kaba.

Seeking blessings from maqam Ibrahim by wiping and kissing it.

What is legislated is to touch only the yamaanee corner and the black stone. It is also legislated to make dua at the place between the door of the kaba and the black stone (the multazim). It is not permitted to touch any other part of the kaba. Ibn abbaas said, The prophet didnt touch anything except the two corners.

6. Innovations in Sai
Gesturing towards the kaba three times with the hands, saying Allahu Akbar, whilst standing on safa and marwa.

What is correct is to do what our prophet do. He would climb Safa until he saw the kaba then make takbir and the shahada, then say la ilaha illa Allah, wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahu al mulk wa lahu al hamd, yuhyi wa yumeet, wa huwa alaa kulli shayin qadeer, laa ilaaha illa Allahu wahdah, Anjaza wadah, wa nasara abdah, wa hazama-al-ahzaab wahda. Then he would make supplication between them, saying it three times, and he would do the same on marwa like he did on safa.

7. Innovations of the hujaaj on the day of arafa
Singling out jabal-ur-rahma, climbing it, making dua and crowding upon it, and believing that its better to stand there, whilst the Prophet (Salutations and Blessing be upon him) never stood on it at all, not during hajj nor after it.

Visiting the structure on top of the arafah mountain to make dua and believing that it has virtue, taking blessing from it during hajj or outside of hajj.

Congregational dua at arafa, being led by someone, raising the voices and repeating specific supplications.

And even though people were in need of the dua of our prophet during the farewell pilgrimage, he did not do that.

8. The innovations whilst stoning
Aiming to hit the big wall in the middle.

Rather the Sunnah is to throw the stone into the actual pit.

And the stones should not be big as that is exceeding the bounds, rather it should be pea-sized.

Another innovation is believing that the shaytan is present in the pillar and thus stoning it hard with big stones and sandals, yes, ibn abbaas said, you are only stoning shaytan but he didnt say that shaytan comes into the pillar, in fact there was no pillar at the time of the messenger.

Another innovation is making dua after stoning the al-jamrat-al-kubra