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قديم 04-09-2013, 08:51AM
Abu Thar Jawad Abu Thar Jawad غير متواجد حالياً
Registration Date: Jan 2010
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افتراضي Shaykh Maher refutes Al Suhaibani and Alwan

Refute to the statements of Alsuhaibani and Alwan saying that what is happening in Egypt of fire and bloodshed is a war between Islam and Disbelief.

Praise be to Allah alone and peace and blessings are upon the last prophet
The ruling on the innovation and the opinions in the religion without going back to the truthful predecessors and without searching their original agreement of truth may Allah be pleased with them is considered speaking with newly invented matters in Islam and which that brings about the events of tribulation, the division of the nation, the shedding of their blood, violating of its honour.

As a result of that you have its failure as it has come in the narration the worst of matter is the newly innovated matters.

Allah The Exalted says: but they forgot a portion of that of which they were reminded. So We caused among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection.

From that which has been mention previously, you have what Alsuhaibani and Alwan have said, "that what is occuring is a battle between Disbelief and Islam". In the statements of his he didn't make clear nor did he judge by the understanding and knowledge of the salaf in the matters of takfir (declaring muslims to be disbelievers), bringing about the good, repelling the evil and the matters of government.

Sulayman Alwan said: that the events that are being witnessed in Egypt is a war between Islam and disbelief and is not between two disputting groups as some try to portray.
And he said: I pondered on the events of Egypt, and I realized that it was a war between Islam and disbelief and not between two groups, therefore do not stand by like a spectator "and do not be a constant adversary of the treacherous"

And he pointed to the amazing coincidence and the strange suspicious time, wherein the spread of the letter which origin is unknown warning against the party of the Ikhwan. At the time the christian secularist revolution took place in Egypt. It is clear that the author of this message tired himself to gather all information in every evil way possible, any directions due to a personal agenda. Also it is a fact that the author of this letter was not honoring any individual or they don't claim infallibility to any group.
Along with the knowledge that there is some other voice recordings in which some of these scholars are praising some of the ikhwany groups alluding to the matter that the ikhwane is a islamic group with scholars that make mistakes and are correct in some matter. However at this time they confronting hypocracy and securlarism." "And they are by Allah more beloved to us than all of them, and spreading their errors and defaming them is considered betrayal."

And I want to make clair that the majority of these criticizers and those who incite, the people who cause doubt. The person haven't done anything for the service of Islam. Rather his concern is his food, drink and get his pleasure, then he critisizes everyone who has put forward an effort for Islam.
And He said: "O our beloved one: isn't it sufficient what the arab zionist have fabricated,along with the chain of lies, likewise the sorcerers of Pharoe who have made an image for the hypocrites that they are angels rescuing the people along with falsely accusing the noble of being terrorists, portraying them as being devils until you come to us and make matters worse".

For sure the one who sees the happiness of the christians, the jews, the coptics, the corruption lovers, the worshippers of money and the producers of pornography...
I do not believe that he is pleased to stand with them in one same row not even with half of a statement.
Alwan directed a letter to the Ikhwane and those who stand with them saying: "O brother: do not despair nor shake, there is some speach that hasn't being said yet even though we have lost the first round the battle has not ended because the battle is long.
He has sought to denounce the accusation against every one who has defended the ikhwane that that person himself is a ikhwane, because all Muslims are in one trench, the trench of conflicts between the Islamic legislation and the legislation of corruption, and the one who spreads the like of these letters at this time except for the ennemies the religion.

Seeking Allah's aid in refuting his statements and doubts from several angles

First: that the battle in Egypt is between disbelief and Islam
A call to bring about battles and serious tribulation and ignite an unequal bloody war.
That contradicts the consensus of the scholars that is not permissible to rebell against the ruler. The one whose might has being establish in the land and the one who has taken control by way of force until appears on him clear disbelief and if that was to take place it is not permissible to rebell until one has the might or capabilty (to remove that ruler without bloodshed and widespread tribulation).

(The translator: Ibn Hajar also narrates from the Salaf, the scholars are united in regarding the obligation of obeying a sinful (Muslim) ruler, and that obeying him is better than revolting against him, and spilling the blood of many
Al-HafithIbn Hajar Al-Asqalani said, Ad-Dawudi said that the scholars are united regarding that the oppressive [Muslim] rulers, if it is possible to remove them without fitnah(war), then it is obligatory Wajib; but if it involves fitnah(war), then it is obligatory to be patient. Fath al bari

If we were to say that the political government that has taken over by force are disbelievers, is it correct for these unarmed individual from the ikhwane and those who incited them to take the ability to remove their ruler without bloodshed and corruption, either the bullets of the army will fire upon them as well as the bombs so the will be killed without leniency
There is no doubt that the matter is being witnessed, rapid death without any leniency and denouncing evil that leads to greater evil is prohibited according to the consensus of the scholars.

Second: from where is it that the politicien is a disbeliever, prove it? And if you can prove it then know that the prophet salla Allah alayhi wa salam said He who says to his brother 'O disbeliever', then it returns upon one of them.
However, we say to whomever went against Mursi (the president) is mistaken however if the matter is now based upon the strengh and the force, it is obligatory to submit to his commend, not to please him as a ruler but to please Allah and that is agreed upon by the scholars.
(With this ruling of ours) We have preserved the blood (of the people), silenced the tribulation, the seperation, and the raviling of the mab.

(The translator: As Ibn Hajar also narrates from the Salaf, the scholars are united in regarding the obligation of obeying a sinful (Muslim) ruler, and that obeying him is better than revolting against him, and spilling the blood of many, fath al bari

Third: his statement that it is a battle
it will turn on the fire of fitnah between both parties with a long unequal civil war, making the ennemies of the religion happy with the liquidation of muslims and weakening of their strengh.

Fourth: the muslims are in one trench he intend by this even if they may be innovators, ikhwanis, tablighis, takfiris. This is the exact call of the ikhwane al muslimeen who say we help one another upon what we agree upon and we forgive one another upon what we disagree as stated by their leader Hassan Al Bana.
End indeed our Shaykh Abdel Aziz Bin Baaz said that the ikhwane and the tablighis are from the destroyed sects, so how can a mixture that has in it the deviant and the sunni succeed end during the battle of uhud the muslims was one trench however due to the disobedient of a small group from amongst them the army was defeated even when the prophet (saw) was amongst them. And the act of desobiedience was a desire to collect the spoils of the war, so how much more so of the affairs ofinnovation which is the worse of matter. How can the camaraderie which is mixture of an innovator beside a person of sunna can be victorious and they be considered one trench.
Isn't Alwan aware that the ikhwani gathers with the rafidi, where is Alwan jealousy for tawheed?
Isn't the rafida polytheist, and the prophet sala Allahu alayhi wa salam said Do not seek the aid of a polytheist.

Fifth: we going to say that the ruling of Mursi is still intact however it is with deficiency for the establishment of the religion. Let Alwan contemplate on how to bring about rectification. Because Allah said: "If you support Allah" meaning by implementing the correct creed and sunnah "He will support you" (or give you victory)
Is the one saying that freedom comes before Islam supporting Allah and left in place the laws of ignorence and judging by them and giving the villains rafida legal power.

Sixth: his statements saying that the ikhwane is a party that make mistakes and do correct is a da'wa to the methodology of the mawazanate which opposes the methodology of the salaf in warning against the people of innovation.
As Ashatibi said the methodology of the people of hadith is to warn against the people of innovation, be stern against them and expose their defects.
And our shaykh the scholar Abdel Aziz Bin Baaz said the ikhwane jama'a and the tabligh jama'a are from the destroyed sects.
And the scholar shaykh Saleh luhaydan said: while supplicating and perhaps his du'a was answered, he said " O Allah do not establish to the ikhwane a country.
How can this not be when from their principles, O Salman Alwan, destroying allience and disassociating.
As they said we excuse one another in what we disagree.
Making no distinction between the fundamentals like the Tawheed of attributes or the branching of the religion like the shortening of the prayers for four days.
So Mursi opened up the great opportunity with wide and vast doors in cooperating with the Disbelieving Rafida. They loved him and honored him with wealth, then opened the Hussainiyat. And the shiisme started taking what they are taking in Egypt.
How can the aid the religion be completed when the magians of the East, the hypocrites of this time are giving the opportunity to call to their religion along with cooperating with Mursi and opening doors for them. May Allah destroy them.
And the prophet (saw) said we do not seek aid from the polytheist.

Seventh: how strange is it for Alwane that he declares the one who doesn't rule with what Allah has revealed to be a kafr
Therefore Mursi according to his statements is a disbeliever.
How can the battle be between Islam and disbelief O Alwan?

Eighth: Suhaiybani criticized the government because they invoke blessings for the politicians
And whomever does that is from misguidance. He causes seperation against everyone who didn't cooperate in the protest by way of cursing him and verbaly abusing.
His words are very serious and considered an assault to the governors.
When the prophet (saw) said whomever had an advice for the governor, let him not start it publicly
Did not the Ikhwane open the opportunity to Iran and the Rafida to enter Egypt and corrupt the society.
Isn't the case when the ruler takes over by force, it is mandatory to obey him according to the consensus of scholars.
Isn't the manifestation considered glad tiddings, a legislative shari'a law for silencing the rage of the people and the preservation of the blood.

From the beloved Muslim countries like The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, the country of the Two Holy Mosques, granted that he made a mistake in his judgement.
Is it beffited to insult the governor in his efforts belittle his view declaring him to be a foul and publicly criticize him along with the multiple hadiths of the prophet (saw) forbidding that.
Due to that which comes as a result of this evil methodology from the woes and tribulations.

Lastly, our muslim brothers from Egypt should know that goodness, good provisions and safety of the society from oppression, injustice, poverty, extortion of money... does not come by changing the oppression of the ruler and rebelling against them.
Rather the change will come with returning to tawheed and the demolition of shrines in the masjids and the one that is worshipped besides Allah like the badawi, the nafeesa and the zainab with wisdom and good advice. Also the change will come by way of calling to Allah and having the fear of Allah by implementing the sunnah, the rebuking of riba and indecency, unveiling. And by establihing the legislation of Allah not by the mere changing of the rulers. Allah says: "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves" meaning they rectify it. Allah did not say until they change their ruler.
And He said: "And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah , We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied [the messengers], so We seized them for what they were earning."
Indeed the spread of shirk in Egypt is not a light matter.
The claim that Mursi is going to change things step by step, is a call to drinking water in the outdoor indeed it is only a mirage.
The one who has studied the methodology of the ikhwane knows that and he knows of their cooperation with the misguided from the Rafida, and their silence and then being silent regarding to call to tawheed. The one who has studied the methodology of the ikhwane knows their constant changing in the religion and their efforts to obtain rulership without rectifying the ruler and the subject as it was the guidance of the prophet (saw)
I ask Allah to gather the word of our muslim brothers in Egypt upon the sunnah and that which the salaf of this nation was upon, and He preserve their blood, He places over them the best of them and that He rectifies their affairs between them.

And to Allah is all praises.

Written by Shaykh Abu Abdellah Maher Bin Dhafer Al Qahtani
Translated by Abu Maryam Jaouad Al Maghrebi

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