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افتراضي Refutation of Dr. Aminah Wadud

Summary of the Refutation of Dr. Aminah Wadud
By Sheikh 'Ubayd ibn Abdillah al Jaabiree
Former teacher in the Islamic University of Madeenah, Saudi Arabia

Translated by Abd Allah Lahmami

Delivered over the phone to America and all over the world

Sheikh 'Ubayd ibn Abdillah al Jaabiree says:

O Muslims those whom we are talking to via Masjid Sunnah in Philadelphia and those who are following us over the internet, some of the newspapers have mentioned some news about a women called Aminah Wadud that she will establish tomorrow the Friday prayers in a Hall in New York in America. We will speak about this topic in two parts. First we will discuss the women concerned, who is she? What is she and is she really a Muslim as she claims or is her claim just a claim? The second point is to look at the ruling of this action and that is the leadership of this woman of a congregation of men and women in the Friday prayer tomorrow 8th Safar 1426 in a hall in New York. And before I start speaking about this topic to you, I see that I must mention an introduction such that every Muslim knows what this speech is about… I say seeking aid in Allaah, Allaah has said in the Quran:

"The believers men and women are friends and protectors of each other, they establish the good and forbid the evil and they establish the prayer and they give the charity and they obey Allaah and the messenger they are the ones Allaah will have mercy on. Indeed Allaah is all Mighty the all wise…"

"Let there arise from amongst you a nation that calls to goodness and enjoins good and forbids the evil, they are the successful ones."

"You are the best nation sent out for mankind you enjoin good and forbid the evil and you believe in Allaah"

These verses, O Muslims and others in similar meaning are clear proofs showing the obligation of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil and this is from the specific quality of the best nation, the nation of Muhammad…

…I say after you have heard these verses, that which you have known, O Muslims, that they are clear proofs showing the obligation to enjoin good and forbidding evil.

It is a must to show 3 things:

What is the meaning of enjoining good and forbidding the evil? Let the Muslims know that good is what is considered to be good in the Islamic legislation from speech and actions and evil is what is evil in the Islamic legislation from speech and actions.

So enjoining good is the call to Allaah calling to good speech and actions that brings one closer to Allaah thereby raising the caller higher levels, thus good deeds are magnified and sins are forgiven. As for forbidding the evil, then it is warning against every evil action that angers Allaah and makes the slave come under the wrath of Allaah.

The second point is the saying of the prophet, "Religion is advice (thrice)" they said, "to whom, O messenger of Allaah?" He said, "to Allaah, to His Book, to His Messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk."[Saheeh Muslim]

This hadeeth is proof that advice is from the pillars of this deen and from its principles. Some scholars said that the hadeeth "Religion is advice" means that it is a pillar of the religion that is because the advisor fills a deficiency in the one being advised. The advisor orders and forbids and gives glad tidings and warns and this is the guidance of the prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Imam Ahmed and Imam Muslim have reported from the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Amr ibn 'Aas that the Prophet said, "indeed there was not a prophet before me except it was a right upon him to guide his nation to all that which is good which he knows for them and to warn them from evil of what he knows for them, and this ummah of yours then its security was made in its beginning and its latter part will face trials and things which you will reject."

Thirdly, let every Muslim know that Ahlu sunnah don't refute anyone who has erred for any personal gain, nor any personal benefit but they refute an error as a means of defending the religion such that it is not mixed with shirk or sins. Secondly that they come in between the people and those who have corrupt thoughts that try to destroy Islam from the inside.

After this introduction, we will clarify to you the character of this women, who is going to be an imam for some of the Muslims, both men and women in the Friday prayer tomorrow. She is Aminah Wadud. It is said that she became a Muslim in the year 1973 since 33 years ago. It is known with the people of Islam and the scholars of the religion that whoever openly professes his Islam openly and as soon as he testifies to the oneness of Allaah and that Muhammad is His Messenger and slave then they are to be taught its meaning and the actions it necessitates such that their Islam is correct and upon Tawheed.

Tawheed is to single Allaah out in worship and to believe in Allaah and what has come from Allaah and to believe in the Messenger and what came from the Messenger. If we look at the actions of Aminah Wadud then we ask are these actions of hers upon Islam that the Messenger came with from his Lord? Until now we do not know whether this woman was a Christian or a Jew but we have come across some statements of hers in her book about The Quran and women. These statements show that this women is not in reality a Muslim women and I do not see except that she came out from disbelief and went back into disbelief. Those who read her book and follow her ideas in the newspapers, magazines and internet will realise that she has deviations and heresy. With this we know with certainty that this woman did not become a Muslim except as a plot against Islam and its people. Her Islam based upon her statements and actions is similar to the Islam of Abdullah ibn Saba, a Jew from Yemen who became a Muslim hypocritically as a plot against Islam and its people. So Muslims should not be deceived by everyone who openly shows Islam. It is must to look at his situation. Are they upon real Islam which is to submit to Allaah upon Tawheed, comply with obedience to Allaah and be free from shirk and it people? Or is it the Islam of deviation and heresy?

And how many of these are there who plot to destroy Islam from within? Many people do not know them until their state is uncovered and the Sunnah of Allaah is clear in exposing every plotter and liar who claims Islam and Sunnah but Islam and the Sunnah are free from them.

We will read to you some of her statements from her book about the Quran and women. You will see that her statements necessitate disbelief and one of them is sufficient. You will know that Aminah is a disbeliever, heretic, plotter, player, she tries to fool the ( people) of Islam so it is upon every intelligent one to warn against this deviated women even if she was to profess Islam day and night and claims Islam in open and in secret. Claims are not enough until the Muslim is in reality a true Muslim, a believer in Allaah…

In an article that she has written called "vulnerability" in Malaysia 2003, she claims:

The Quran as well as the Shareea' is founded upon male sexual experience…without mention of women sexuality… and menopausal women as being without want…

Disbelief in cutting off the thief's hand and describing it as brutal!

How the Quran deals with Women is customary

It's Islam and the Muslims who are a reason for the spread of AIDS!

The freedom of religion.

In summary what do these statements necessitate?

They necessitate that the Quran is not the speech of Allaah that has been sent down nor a revelation to the Messenger, but rather it is just made up of and based upon life experiences. That it is just based upon relationships between men and women. That these needs are specifically based for men's sexual needs. So to her these needs are only for the male and not a ruling from Allaah. This, O Muslims is an attack on the Quran since Allaah made the rulings of marriage and fulfillment of needs not just as a life experience and this necessitates that Allaah does not know the actions of His slaves…

…This means what Allaah sent to the Messenger in this situation is just an ideology and thoughts and not a legislation from Allaah.

Secondly, she believes that she is correcting Allaah and that she has proof opposing this verse:

"the women who do not expect wedlock .."

Soorah Nur: 50

The verse is clear that there is no sin on the women who do not have a need for men that she doesn't have to wear the outer garment of hijab except that it is sufficient for her to cover her Awrah. With the condition that she does not beautify herself.

The first condition is that she doesn't have a need for men and secondly she is one who is not beautifully attracted to (by men).

If she is then she should cover her face and feet. She should cover just like a young women would.

She says she has proof denying Allaah's ruling!

This, O Muslims, is clear disbelief, the one who speaks with it is a heretic who has left Allaah's deen. Be aware of those who plot and claim against Islam and they are just ones who are trying to attack Islam from within.

She said:

The Quran refers to the post-menopausal women as being beyond want despite ample evidence to the contrary. She says and that the emphasis on sexuality in the (Islamic) law is overwhelmingly on male heterosexual satisfaction.

In another article that was written by her writer Tarek Fatah on their official website, she wrote him a thank you letter, he mentioned that she was asked a question and she criticized Canada's proposed Sharee'ah laws and expressed support for same sex marriage.

It is clear to you, O Muslims, that this women is far from the Qur'an and far from understanding the Qur'an as He sent it to the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. She mentioned that the aspect of Marriage in the Qur'an refers only to sexual male satisfaction then she emphasized that the Qur'an is deficient by saying she agrees that same sex marriages are allowed. That a man can marry a man and a women can marry a women! Look at how far she has reached in deviation, heresy, and disbelief!! Can anyone with sound intellect trust her? And can one say that she is true to her claim of Islam!

She presents four ways in dealing with the Quran

1 Literal readings of the text

2 Legalistic arguments that can constrain how verses are applied

3 Reinterpretation from alternative perspectives

4 Saying no to the Quran when one disagrees

Then she says that it is the Quran that gives me the means to say no to the Quran!

This is another example where she criticises the Quran and the One who sent it, Allaah.

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